Good Mobile Games?

What are some good mobile games to play? Can be iOS or Android, any genre as well (preferably something easy to pick up). Haven't played anything in forever and want to pass the time going to work.  

Let me know!


  • Giant Boulder of Death is one of my favorites.
  • StellarFox & Aquavias. I love puzzles. Great to play when no one is around at work xD I tried Pokemon GO but got bored :v
  • Lol does emulation programs count? :3
  • @slipknotdriver4
    I run old Sierra Online adventure games from 1984 with my Android DosBox emulator :P
  • easy poser isnt really a game but i use it a lot for drawing. its great for references. i like the sound of these sierra games @8BitMiker tell me more.
  • I modded a snes classic to run snes. Nes. Gb-gba and genesis games on my tv. Plus add in rom hacks on other devices. 

    And now adding retroarch on cell for times want to play rpgs while waiting.

    But i normally avoid this topic as usually use switch/3ds or vita. Or music on the go. So not use much cell games. So have no clue outside of emulation
  • @8BitMiker nice. Can't go wrong there. Miss some of those point and click games. Also some 90's arcade games too
  • Depends on what kind of game you're looking for.

    If you're looking for a lifestyle game. A game you can play for a VERY long time these games don't typically require a lot of time at once but you can keep going back. 

    My Choice: Ingress 

    I played PoGo when it came out but I disliked how the dedicated could spend hours a day leveling up their pokemon and you just can't do anything against someone who has a level 121 pokemon that's been class optimized and after months my highest pokemon was like 40. Ingress is their previous game and it doesn't suffer from that issue. It really emphasizes teamwork because you can't maximize your "towers" without literally 8 people. The toronto community is still active and going strong on both sides.

    If you're looking for an low intensity experience you can dip in and dip out.

    My Choice: Hero Generations: Regen

    Hero Generations is basically a top down strategic rpg  but each move ages your character by one year. So you have to adventure, learn, construct, and then find a mate before you die. After which you control your offspring and start over. Your child has a chance to inherit traits your developed or were born with.'

    If you want an arcade experience easy gameplay just trying to make a high score

    My Choice: Alto's Adventure, Time Surfer, Ridiculous Fishing

    Alto's Adventure and Time Surfer are basically the same type of game. I'm enjoying Alto so far and it's been getting a bunch of best of the month awards I'm still trying to figure out why but I might like Time Surfer a bit more. They're both horizontal infinite runners where you basically surf, (in alto) until you run into something, or (in TS) until you run out of juice. Ridiculous Fishing is a simple phone tilting game that's surprisingly fun.

    If you want a good narrative puzzler

    My Choice: A Normal Lost Phone, A Dark Room

    ANLP is a game where you find someone's phone and you basically dig through it. A Dark Room is a text based adventure game where you start off in a dark room. You start a fire and it becomes a clicker for a short while. Eventually you go out into the world trying to find things and that's when things get interesting.

    If you want something special

    My Choice: Bounden

    Whoa.. what a great game so interesting so fun so hilarious to watch. In Bounden you need to people to dance together. The key is that they both have to keep their hands on the phone and they have to manipulate the phone to keep... basically keep the ball in the circle which will require that you move together and around each other. *Note* I'm not sure how up to date it is. I used to love playing it on my Galaxy SIII but after I upgraded no other phone has been able to run it. I don't know if it's been patched or if that ever happened with the iOS version.

  • I hear kingdom hearts x cross can be quite fun
  • Gonna try fallout sheltor and elder scrolls mobile if can
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