What cha watching?

Since new i am new here and know no one.

Lets kick this off right. What are you guys currently watching?
Could be tv, netflix, youtube, anime.

As for Me watching steins;gate 0 and my hero academia. Maybe devilman crybaby later.

So How About You? 


  • Well right at this moment I'm watching Signs on cable. So may comercials!

    On netflix I just finished aggretsuko. It was pretty good. It's like hello Kitty for adults Haha. Also catching up on Bob's burgers.

    On Amazon prime I'm watching The Grand Tour, and rewatching 3rd rock from the sun. 

    I'm watching lots of other things but that's what I'm mainly watching right now.
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    I was just about to watch Aggretsuko! It looks so adorable haha

    @the_3rd_realm nice! That is a good show :)
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    @Dio737 3rd rock from the sun just is a classic no lie. Arrested development i also find to be really good.

    I may have to check out aggretsuko 
    I may want to rewatch first 2 seasons of mr robot and watch season 3 soon. Maybe gotham. 

    Renewed funimation myself yesterday. So catching up on ALOT lol
  • @TwinGoddesses @slipknotdriver4 I definitely recommend aggretsuko. It reminds me of my life haha. When I have a bad day at work I blast some heavy metal. 

    Arrested development is one of those shows I know I would love. I just haven't gotten around to watching it.
  • @Dio737 speaking of which did you see the slayer show on tuesday?
  • As for arrested development. Its a smartly written sitcom show that builds up its jokes. Builds the characters. And it just so damn funny and well written. 

    Its on netflix. So if have time i highly recommend it
  • @slipknotdriver4 I didn't see them on Tuesday. I saw them a couple years ago in a concert with Megadeth. It was a good time. 
    I'm way overdue for a good concert. The last one I think I saw was Combichrist, A year or two ago.
  • @Dio737 man i seen a few this year alone. Started going again as i like meeting the community and getting into newer bands.

    Like i saw: machine head in feb and in this moment and stone sour day later
    Soulfly and his sons band in march
    Jinjer and cradle of filth april
    And lamb of god and slayer tuesday.

    Hoping to see fear factory, devildriver, and tool in concert when they do.
    May see arch enemy in london in oct. Will see. 

    How were they?

  • @slipknotdriver4 They were awesome. Small venue. I was right up front. I got a drum sticks. Hopefully I can see some good shows this summer. I think I like  smaller shows more then big arena shows. 
    I'll start a music forum so we can see what everyone is listening too. This was supposed to be about movies and TV  right? Lol

  • I've been watching Halt and Catch Fire and Devilman Crybaby.
    And occasional episodes of Black Mirror and Violet Evergarden, y'know, for when I'm feeling too happy.

    I wish I could watch more shows these days, but I have a lot of side projects, and TV is just slightly too distracting.

    I also own a pair of HD rabbit ears for my TV, but I just don't use them. Netflix is too convenient, and it's too easy to miss a timeslotted show.
  • I also recently finished watching The Terror, which was mostly good save for a terrible looking CGI ManBearPig.
  • Im watching Safe and The Handmaids Tale. Recently finished Dynasty and 13 Reasons Why.
  • i like darling in the franxx. very cerebral. just finished it crowd too. british humour gets me every time.
  • @Pom IT Crowd is so good! One of my favorite shows. Little Britain is another good show if you haven't seen it.
  • So for anime right now I've only got black clover, which is like fairy tail but a hair less campy, and rainbow: nisha rokubou no shichinin which is really bloody dark and has a whole lot of trigger warnings associated with it but it is a great story.
    lice action stuff I just finished american gods, ash vs evil dead and godless. They were pretty decent but nothing to rave about. 
    I'm probably going to start wild wild country tonight for a change of pace. But my current guilty pleasure is forged in fire: knife or death because it's hilario
  • * hilarious to hear bill Goldberg try and get hyped over a bunch of out of shape dudes playing with knives.

  • I just power through the first 6 episodes of preacher last night. It's really good so far.  
  • I finished Halt and Catch Fire, recommend it to anyone who wants to know what the tech industry was like back in the day (Silicon Valley, but a drama, and in the 80s).

    Started watching Fooly Cooly Progressive. I love me some Fooly Cooly. @8BitMiker I'm not sure if you've seen it or if it's your particular flavour of crazy, but you might want to check out the original series. It an anime about robots, space pirates, metaphorical erections, and growing up.

    @Pom The premise of Franxx sounds like it would get me arrested just for watching it.
  • Honestly kinda want to check out erased and when they cry. 

    Seen a few episodes of erased at anime north. Seems right up my ally since i love shows like psycho pass, ghost in the shell, steins gate, death note, tokyo ghoul, deadman wonderland and future diary.

    Not know anything about franxx other then its another mech show and people gussing over the pink haired one.
  • @slipknotdriver4 erased was a great watch. loved the whole thing. when they cry is also brilliant and creepy. heard theres a special viewing order but i just went for it and loved it. still havent seen tokyo ghoul though. darling in the franxx has mechs in it but its more about the drama and conspiracy much like kill la kill.

    @gercunderscore4 nothing like positioning barely pubescent children in sexual positions in order to operate giant machines and innocently make numerous sexual innuendos while at it. in all honesty though its a great show. most of the raunchy stuff is for comedic purpose and exaggeration. also i remember flcl from back in the day. i didnt know new stuff came out

    @Dio737 ive seen a couple episodes of little britain and really liked it. i think i will pick it up again. thanks!
  • @Pom will say for tokyo ghoul, soul eater and deadman's wonderland. Read the manga if interested. Season 2 of tokyo ghoul changed and butchered everything as they threw out the script the original writer sent. 

    Deadman just died dispite being amazing and never to be revived. 

    Souleater's final season is rushed and its ending is insultingly stupid. And insulting to a badass villian it created. 

    Sounds like code guass in a way. Which after seeing purpleeyes abridge it to hell. I need to see that. As love mecha, cyber punk or dark fantasy
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    Image result for Reverie

    I started this random show Reverie (mostly because I've loved Sarah Shahi since 2007's Life. It's okay. Two episodes in I basically see how it's going and while I see a lot of the pitfalls every SE:Lain-like falls into and this one shall be no different. They aren't bad pitfalls. Not like the ones time travel shows fall into (Looking at you Timeless and Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. Season 5).

    Image result for private eyes

    I enjoy Private Eyes as my local Toronto-based TV show. It's a detective show that doesn't lean so far into detective procedural that you lose interest. it's a lightweight show that stays lightweight.

    Image result for legion

    I've been slow on it but I need to catch up on S2 of Legion it's a wacked out wacked out show about wacked out people in wacked out situations but darn if it isn't entertaining.

    Image result for beyond skyline aliens

    Last night I went to bed watching Beyond Skyline an unwanted sequel to Skyline. A movie made my FX artists that (no offense to FX artists) looked like it was a movie made by FX artists. The only kind thing I can say about that original movie is that it looked pretty cool.  It was bad. The sort of movie that should be in the bad movie thread because it's very fun to look at. The sequel (about 70% of the way in) isn't good.... well that's about it. Rather than the impressive and interesting visuals it's just typical ugly aliens doing ugly alien abduction things. As i write this a lot of the basic world building isn't explained. This work well in the first movie. it's mostly cohesive on a world building scale. But the explore it in depth a lot of things just don't make sense.

    Most Recent Anime: Shokugeki no Soma

    I've caught up on most of everything else. I downloaded this a while back and only started it recently. I didn't expect it to be a mega series but then I slowly started realizing every anime watcher I know is watching this show. 
  • @wolfkin Hell i loved the first season of legion. haven't made an attempt on the second yet. its the type of show where i have to sit and watch the entire thing in one sitting just to keep it straight. 
    also I've wanted to try food wars for some time but the amount of hentai inspired tropes make it a bit of a slog to get through the first couple of episodes.
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