I totally forgot to make an intro thread! Tell me a little about yourself?

Let's start with your age, gender and location. Also feel free to expand further and talk about your nerdy passions.

I'm Mike 38 / Male / Mississauga. I am into everything and anything geeky, I seem to gravitate towards the 'weird stuff'. I especially love sci-fi/fantasy from the 80s. I used to play video games a lot but nothing for quite some time.

Creating wacky geeky events and bringing people together has always been a passion of mine, hence this forum and the Geekalicious meetup group.

Okay your turn!


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    28 / F / Toronto. Can't fill out anymore in a rush for work! Will fill in more later
  • 27 / male / Mississauga
    Engineering (electrical)
    Science/Speculative Fiction
    Video Games (ex-Sony fanboy)
    Originally from BC and NS
    Thinks way too much

    If you want something over-analyzed or over-designed, just let me know.
  • 30 / Male / Vaughan.
    I love everything geeky as well. I really love the passion fellow nerds have for the things they love.

    I play alot of video games. Lately I have been playing assassin's Creed origin, cuphead and subnautica on the Xbox one, Breath of the wild and Stardue valley on the switch.

    I read alot of sci-fi and some fantasy. I don't read alot of comics but I try to read them when I can.

    I love going to the movies, and I watch way to much YouTube. Most of the time I'm watching stuff on the rooster teeth channels.

    And I hate spoilers! Lol
  • 31/F/Toronto

    So... I feel like I'm more of an ex-geek than a practicing geek, haha, but I love to keep in touch with geeky people/events in the city - they're usually so welcoming, friendly, and anyway "geek" covers so much that there's always SOMETHING I'm interested in/can talk about.

    Geeky things: I collect action figures & plushies here and there, hardcover/TPB comics & graphic novels, am currently playing Guild Wars 2 (PC) & Monster Hunter Generations (3DS), have a fondness for certain sci-fi & horror films & good-bad movies

    Other things: I find body art/modification fascinating (I only have a bunch of piercings because I'm a total baby though, haha), dead animal aesthetic (claws! skulls!), pretentious art/foreign films, cider, and dancing poorly
  • 22/F/Guelph!

    Nice to meet y'all! I work retail but I'm an aspiring author. Maybe one day lol :D For now it's just fanfics for fun as I figure out my style.
    I love pixel art, pokemon (can't wait for the new game), reading fantasy novels (loving Dresden files rn), steeped tea, and long walks on the beach  B)  
  • 65 / Male / Toronto
  • hi oldman, et al.
    30 man gta here - i like making candles and bacon. im learning german which is cool. anime is pretty great. i think one day i wanna learn programming. i also like long walks on the beach mikka.  peace.
  • 28/ male /all over the gta but mostly Toronto proper

    By day I work as a glorified janitor and by night a failed author and/ or comedian. I get told I am in the gym to often but I made a commitment to myself to stop being morbidly obese a year ago and here I am 130 pounds lighter with still a little further to go. 
    I am a huge ciniphile and I was lucky enough to have worked as a projections at a threatre for nearly a decade before it became an obsolete profession. 
    I am wildly passionate about rpg's , be it tabletop or of the video game variety, anime scifi fantasy history science craft beer scotch and food. So if you want to take a deep dive into any of the above hit me up.
    also I suck at coming up with names.
  • 27/ male/ sauga (walk to toronto border)

    Music junkie, event go seer (you may of seen me at such of hard rock metal concerts, anime north, fan expo, comic con, downtown toronto or square one.)

    Fan of anime. Gamer (playstation and nintendo. Looking to explore more into pc)
    Survivor of various forums and sites like the nsider forums way back when. And thus i have networked around and know a few youtubers from it. In a few discord groups. Was a mod in a dmc and zelda group.

    Huge into collecting. Can be a bit shy at first if not know people but when comfortable can be quite energetic and social. 

    All can think of for now
  • @Mikka @lazyusername what kind stuff do you write? Would you ever share some of it?
  • @Dio737 once upon a blue moon i wrote lyrics for the bands i was in, now that manifests its self more in the form of poetry. my formative years were heavily influenced by the beats and the dirty realism movement so I've got a fair bit of semi autobiographical none sense laying about. I've always been intrigued by the idea of writing hard scifi/ dystopian fiction but i seem to struggle with getting the thoughts out on paper for some reason.

  • @lazyusername That's cool. Sci-fi is my favorite genra. I think the key is to just start writing, put anything down. Not that I'm a writer or anything, but a friend of mine just published his first novel. He has been working on it for years and years.
  • Feel Overtyped. Explained little. As was over caffenated. Easy way to explain me. Think of me as a triforce of gaming (courage), anime (wisdom), hard rock/metal (power).

    Each one revolves around each other and creates me. Creates my style of either 3 or mixed of 3. 

    Collector of stuff too. Loves statues/figma's even though not have room for them. I hope to get to know many of you. (Hopefully thats better.) I rereading mine was painful to read
  • @Dio737 I read a ton of sci fi but I've always been the write what you know type. Maybe automatic writing might help. Is your friend novel scifi/ fantasy if so has he considered doing a signing/ release down at bakka Phoenix. I'm not sure what they charge or what their terms are but the turn out has always been pretty solid at the events I've attended.
  • @lazyusername it's actually just a fiction. Kind of a biography of a fictional characters political career. I just got a copy so I haven't read it yet.
  • @lazyusername your pic is from a really odd europe yugort add right? Some banned ad if recall. Seen i before
  • Nightmare fuel yup. Love it. 

    "I eat little babies....ice cream" 

    Reminds me of another artisy vid too but not recalling it now
  • I fucking love it. If you remember what it is please post it. I eat this shit up.
  • @lazyusername curious what horror/creepy odd youtube channels you know of and combine it with mine
  • @slipknotdriver4
    You've inadvertently stumbled upon the chink in my nerd armour. I haven't really spent anytime on YouTube post 2006. I'm just not sure where to dive in on that platform anymore.
  • Oh boy there is alot of creepy, arg or horror shit to find on youtube. Its just beautiful
  •  I am 26/Male/Toronto. I love anything IT and programming. I like to play video games, watch anime and read comics. I try to stay in shape by working out here and there. I enjoy martial arts but boy does it hurt haha.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone :)

  • @lazyusername ever heard of nightmind? As its a youtube channel that covers just that. Creepy stories, videos, ARGs and epic halloween music video mixes. 

    He introduces it to you. Tries to respect the viewer and not spoil. So you go in wanting more if interested. So it can really expand your view on this.

    Also nightmare expo/reignbothorror

    Rob dyke covers weird odd shit. Murders. And serial killers.

    And blameitonjorge for lists on childhood ruining stuff. Creepyvids and horror stories.

    someordinarygamers a horror gaming channel that covers well done horror stories. Rants. Creepy/odd games letsplay and exploring the deepweb sites with edgy/creepy vid he finds.
    Dude is from toronto as well. Surprisingly.
  • @slipknotdriver4 ;
    you could have told me to look up a user called boo boo kitty fuck and i would have taken your word, that is how unfamiliar i am with anyone on there, but i will definitely look them up this weekend when i get some time. 
    that being said i'm pretty sure i've met that rob dyke dude but i cant put my finger on it.
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