E3 week June 9-12

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So with e3 soon. Curious anyone tuning in? Hoping to see certain games announced? Get release date or new surprises? Laugh at some of the forced or laughably bad moments?

As schedule goes: 

Saturday, June 9:
-Electronic Arts 2 pm 

Sunday June 10:
-Microsoft Stage Show 4pm
-Bethesda 9:30pm
-Devolver Digital 11pm

Monday June 11: 
-Square Enix 1pm 
-Ubisoft 4pm 
-Pc Gaming Show 6pm
-Sony Stage Show 9pm

Tuesday June 12
-Nintendo direct 12pm
(Nintendo treehouse after.)

Further details on other showings https://www.google.ca/amp/s/variety.com/2018/gaming/news/twitch-e3-2018-1202837033/amp/

Places to stream twitch, youtube various channels

I usually do a roosterteeth live viewing.

But those who miss it. The stream will be posted on select youtube channels.

Feel free to chat about e3 here, spread hype/funny moments and post links here. 


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