Carpal Tunnel / Wrist Tendonitis Help Needed!

It seems like all the years of computer / video game usage is catching up with me! Suffering from a bad case of wrist tendonitis (confirmed by doctor). I don't want it to progress to Carpal Tunnel. Anyone have any suggestions?

Lifestyle changes / supplements / exercises?

Typing is kind of important for my current line of work, any and all advice is most appreciated!


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    Get yourself one of those medical Cannabis prescriptions. Then use CBD oil for inflammation. Works wonders. Trust the Old Man ;) 

    Start your journey here,
  • @OldMan
    man just wait the next few months until c-45 passes the senate then there won't be a need for a script. 
    But yeah I do use cdb oil for inflammation though I use cb2 because I can just go to the big carrot and buy it there. You can also try making turmeric tea. Curcumin and black pepper are great when used together for inflammation. You could also try doing the whole 30 bull shit where you eliminate anything enjoyable out of your diet and slowly add it back in to figure out what's causing flair ups. 
    More physical side of things, if you can get access to a dry sauna you can get a pretty good stretch going on for the tendons, if you can stand it for roughly 20 minutes around, I think but I might be wrong I'd have to recheck the study,71 degree mark there is huge benifits to vasoplasticity and a pretty significant drop in all cause mortality.
  • Thanks for the replies! @OldMan @lazyusername. In your experience is Cannabis addicting?

    @lazyusername I like sauna idea!!

    UPDATE: I just discovered the power of Passion Flower!

    7. Reduces Inflammation

    Passion flower may reduce disease-causing inflammation. Analysis were conducted of the phytonutrient and antioxidant contents of the wild passion fruit species, specifically P. tenuifila, and P. setacea. The researchers paid most attention to the seeds and the explants from seedlings as well as the adult version. The high level of phenolic compounds showed the powerful antioxidant activity of the extract of the passion flower plant. (16

    Another study was conducted on paw edema, which is the buildup of fluid in the paw area of animals. When using dried passion flower, the antioxidant activity decreased the fluid buildup; therefore, indicating the reduction of inflammation. (17)

  • @8BitMiker cannabis absolutely can be, people who argue to the contrary will say its just habit forming which is a distinction that I've never been able to wrap my head around. from personal experience i know that I've got a wildly addictive personality but I've never really struggled to keep cannabis use under control so take that bit of subjective reality with a grain of salt. that being said the CBD oil there shouldn't be THC if you're getting it from a reputable company so there isn't a whole lot you've got to worry about on that end.
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