Help me create Nerd Nexus Categories

Hey all, 

This forum lets me create 2 different landing page views.The one you are familiar with now with all the posts right up front and the catagory view.

Eventually if the forum grows huge I might switch to catagory view for the landing page. Not sure yet. 

In the meantime, could anyone help me come up with some categories? This is what we got so far....


  • - Gaming
    - Music 
    - Graphic Novels / Literature
    - Artist Corner
  • Going by friends discord

    Announcements (can be for important events.
    Emulation help

    Health and fitness good. But maybe expand to social issues too like axiety, disability, depression or suicide help. We are all here to help each other

  • How about GTA Stuff? Or GTA reviews? 
    Like if you find a cool restaurant and want others to know about it.
    Or questions like "I'm looking for a good comic book store? Who knows one”
    Stuff like that.
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    @slipknotdriver4 I think that's a good idea.  Something like Personal Well-Being could be a good name? That could cover health, fitness, mental and personal issues.
  • @Dio737 man I will pay someone to be able to recommend a good comic shop. when i moved here the level of snobbery was enough to make me order everything online.

    Between @slipknotdriver4 and @Bananna i reckon they've pretty much got it spot on.

    personally id benefit from a "shit that is going on this week" type category, i know that's essentially what meetup is for but i'm rather useless at navigating that app. 

    other than that maybe a pro wrestling one. i know its not everyone's cup of tea but its a fairly large fandom and Toronto actually has a few pretty decent small promotions. 
  • Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I incorporated some of the ideas

    As it grows we can branch things further :)
  • @lazyusername Meetup's interface is annoying to navigate. I used to use the mobile website instead of the app.

    Also, I think what I'll do is I'll make threads for cons about a week in advance, but I don't go to or even know about most of the events going on in a given week.

    Maybe we could make a series of event threads, one for each month (start each about a month in advance) about that month's events. Does anyone like that idea or have a better one?
  • @gercunderscore4 I know personally id attend more cons if, you know, i knew when they were. i managed to forget about fan expo last year and that seems to be the granddaddy of them all around these parts.
  • Maybe @slipknotdriver4 and I should make a dating/advice category. We seem to be dominating that thread.
  • Lmfao xD if we had any to really offer though lol
  • @slipknotdriver4 Yeah, and then @8BitMiker just came in and gave a full tutorial on how to get matches on OkCupid.
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