Your Top 3 Video Games of ALL TIME

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Okay so hit me with it! The top 3 BEST-EST Games you ever played!

#3 Star Control II ~ ( Accolade, 1992 )

Epic space opera, with bad ass hot seat SUPER MELEE ship to ship combat!

#2 Warlords ~ ( Strategic Studies Group, 1990 )

My first turn based strategy game. I still play with game with my dad TO THIS VERY DAY! *adorable*

#1 Hero's Quest [ re-branded Quest for Glory series ] ~ ( Sierra OnLine, 1989 ) 

The first RPG adventure game I ever played. It had it all! Quests, stats, epic battles OH MY. This nostalgia bomb is making me all teary eyed.

Okay your turn!


  • 1. God of War
    2. Last of Us
    3. Rock Band

    ...guess I totally converted to console games
  • 1. Prince of Persia The Sands of Time
    2. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    3. Resident Evil 4
  • 3 chrono trigger
    2 zelda majora's mask
    1 metroid prime 
  • @the_3rd_realm really good godly choices there
  • 1. Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind. 
    Open world games have always been my favorite and this is the one that realy got me into them. I remember being blow away by how amazing the world was, and how much you could do.

    2. Tied between Ocarina of time and Majora's mask.

    3. Super Mario 64.
    I played this game so much as a kid. It was the first game I completed100%. 

    Honorable mention to Banjo Kazooie. (Yes N64 was a huge part of my childhood)
  • Man no love for super Mario 2, whats going on here.

  • First off @Dio737 is right morrow is quite possibly the best game of all time. The only game I've thrown more time into is skyrim and that's only because I've been waiting nearly seven bloody years, anyway.
    gotta throw some love to final fantasy seven. it hasn't aged very well but its still one of the most important games to ever be released. 
    and the game that really got me into gaming was pitfall.
    Honorable mentions
    Galaga, it might be nearly 40 years old but i'll be damned if you still cant sit down and mission the hell out of it
    Ni no Kuni, it combines two of my favourite things, rpg's and studio ghibli 
    Persona 3, whats not to love about a game where you take a gun to shoot demons out of your brain to battle other demon type things. actually in retrospect that might be a little bit on the nose.
  • @slipknotdriver4 ohoho thankyou  B) its great to see love for Majora's Mask!

    @Dio737 Banjo-Kazooie is so great! I also played A LOT of N64 growing up.

    @lazyusername you're absolutely right, FF7 is one of those games that is so important, it changed EVERYTHING (for better AND worse...).

  • Since people have mentioned so many great titles, I'm just gonna go ahead and toss out the rest of my top 10:

    4. Final Fantasy 6
    5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    6. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    7. Starfox 64
    8. Resident Evil 5 (I think I've played more hours of Mercenaries than all other games in my entire life combined)
    9. Banjo-Kazooie
    10. No More Heroes

  • @the_3rd_realm it was a toss up between FF6 and FF7. now if they could only make a decent game this decade.
  • 1.  Star Control 2
    2.  Sentinel Worlds
    3.  Halo 1, 2, 3, 4, Reach, ODST
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  • Another excellent game is Hyper Light Drifter. It's a 2d pixelated adventure game. 
    I love the way the storyline is told. There is no talking or text. When you speak to people they talk to you through a series of images. Everything is very criptic and you don't get alot of info. I love the combat style too. You have to dash in and out at enimies. You just die if you dont use the dash technique.
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    @the_3rd_realm no problem as they are seriously great and how could i not love majora's mask its oot on crack and its lore is insane. Same for prime 2.

    To add to my list
    4)devil may cry 3
    5) bioshock
    6) xenogears
    7) shin megami tensei 4/persona 5
    8) shadows of the colossus
    9) super metroid
    10) kingdom hearts 2/birth by sleep

    Some notible titles: banjo kazooie/tooie, nier automata, tales of the abyss, smt soul hackers, zelda oot/wind waker/twilight princess/a link to the past/ breath of the wild, horizon zero dawn, god of war 2 and 4, resident evil 1make/2/3/4/revilations/7, earthbound, killer 7, donkey kong country 1-3, metroid fusion/zero mission/ samus returns, prime 2, spyro trilogy, jak trilogy, metal gear solid 2 and 3 

    And i feel after buying nier that if whdn i play it. It will be put far up their as loving yoko toros writing on things

  • Imo too many good games to name
  • 1. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
    There's just so many ways to have fun in that game, and so many details. MGS4 needs an install-all and skip-all-cutscenes mode to count as a game. MGSV has too much of an optimal strategy.

    2. Mass Effect (1)
    The later games have better action, but the first one is the best for exploration and sci-fi concepts. I wish that they had better chat cutscenes (I should go) and more assets (it was just text for every non-mission piece of narrative), but it felt like the best episode of Star Trek ever.

    3. Super Smash Bros 4
    I like beating up my friends. Link/Cloud main.

    Bonus rounds:

    Between FFVII and FFVI, I'd take six. More fantastical, and better characters.

    5. Starcraft: Brood War. Terran. You want a piece of me, boy?

    And I'd take Major over Ocarina. Ocarina only pretended that you could go anywhere, I was always strictly guiding you, but Majora let you just stalk someone for three days straight. ...and now I sound like a creeper.
  • Speaking of Ocarina of time, was anybody else terrified of the dead hand as a kid?
  • @Dio737 who wasn't? He has red blood all over him in a room of skulls on the walls and floor. As a kid under a haunted well. 
    Walls lying to you and redeads and blood everywhere.

    Plus once those hands grap you. He slowly comes out of the ground. Slowly walks up to you and jaw extends as he spings to always aim for your head.

    That and piano with teeth and alot of stuff in majora's mask. They knew what they were doing
  • Plus most may not know but the 3ds version was further censored and removed all blood from him and on the walls. In its a pale blob
  • @Dio737 didn't really bother me, however for whatever reason my kid sister would freak the living fuck out whenever you went into the windmill hut.
  • @Dio737 AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :s :s :s
    That and the wallmasters. The whole Shadow Temple is nightmare fuel.
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