What kind of programs/scripts do you code?

I am really curious what kind of things the coders of the forum make for work or for play?

This morning I just finished a script to help me do archives / updates of my work's Drupal 8 Multisite ( CODE ON GITHUB )

A few line of code goes a long way! What language do you code in? What do you make? Feel free to share examples!

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    At work (I do system/software testing for aerospace companies) I write scripts to automate the parts of my job that a computer does better.
    Things like analyzing results for obvious failures, automated test execution, or checking tests for common mistakes/typos.
    Those are written in Python, or PowerShell if I don't have admin rights.
    I also use PowerShell (and regex) whenever I need to look through some text (find a test that uses a function, look for a variable in source code, etc.).
    And I've also fixed a few scripts written in Perl.

    I've also written a hacker typer script that can diff versions of a file and make those edits, even matches its pace to your keystrokes.

    Another one sends out an email  from Outlook to a list of team members, saying that the user will buy [randomly selected snack] for everyone. A good script to run on unattended computers.

    On my own time:

    I've written 4D maze games in C, C++ (with openGL), Mathematica, and Python. The C variant uses 4-star pointers where even the indices are 2-star pointers.

    N-dimensional minesweeper in Python. It's terrible. Never play with N != 2.

    I also write embedded code (usually C or Arduino's variant of C++, even some assembly) for electronics. I'm going to be doing a lot of this for some upcoming costumes of mine. Though really, I've always wanted to a robot pet (like a Tachikoma).

    And I do modelling in Octave/MATLAB (my code is usually compatible with both). This is for getting the math right before I start programming.

    ...aaaaand I've also ... written a Python script (with regex) to sort and access various *ahem* media files on my computer...

    Which reminds me, I need to fix my github repos, and add a few more projects.
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